Frequently Asked questions


How can I help?

The best place to start is by staying home! Then, please fill out our volunteer form! Just click this link to get to the form.

Can I donate money to help buy supplies?

  Yes! You can use your credit card or donate through PayPal or Cashapp. Use the e-mail address: or at CashApp with the name $shikaka  . The link to the PayPal address is at the bottom of this page. We would appreciate ANY help you give!

I can only donate supplies--who do I contact?

 Please fill out the Volunteer form and someone from our team will be in touch! 

Can I just drop off my completed masks at the hospital where my friend/family member works?


We have a couple of reasons why that’s not the most ideal route…

  1. We are trying to make this process as zero-human-contact as possible. Facilities don’t want us there if we are not sick! We have appointed a small crew of specific persons that can serve as the “last leg” of the delivery chain to reduce the number of people that can be exposed to potential contamination.
  2. SMAH- is attempting to track every yard of fabric that is procured for production and mask that is completed by our amazing sewists. If some slip through the tracking system, we are not able to report accurate numbers to our family of sewists and our community. Every mask counts!

Is the aim to make a mask to go over an N95 mask or surgical mask?

 Yes. And also to give to patients to wear (since they can launder them). The healthcare personnel (HCP) know this isn’t the best answer, but any mask is better than none right now. 

Can I submit my own pattern for making masks?

 We have been asking our sewists to please adhere to the patterns listed in the Files section of the main SMAH Atlanta group. The facilities with needs we are working to fill have vetted these patterns. Click here for the current pattern selections.  

Can I make headbands or scrub caps instead?

 At this time we are limiting our focus to the most needed item, masks. As our family of sewists grows and we have more resources to devote, we are open to expanding our projects to include other items for production. 

Can I start an SMAH group for my county or region, or even in another state?


Absolutely! Please contact Kelly Whitfield Bradley via Facebook Messenger. We are still working hard to streamline the features of the main group but are planning to get regional groups up and going ASAP!

Do you only make masks for hospitals?


 No! We are working hard to provide masks for long-term care homes, first responders, animal care facilities, and smaller medical offices. 

How can I get my facility signed up to receive masks?

If you represent a facility and are able to distribute over the entire facility and would like to contact us for a work request, please have them PM Melissa Marcello Jones! If you are not the facility contact that can distribute over the entire facility, please find this contact’s information. 

What's the most important thing to remember?

 That you are appreciated and we are so grateful that you are here!  

Help Our Cause

Your support and contributions will enable us to purchase fabric, ribbon, elastic, filter material, etc. Your generous donation will fund our mission.

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